October 2005 Meeting

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Have you ever turned a hat? Pat Johnson makes it look so easy. Pat did the demonstration at our October meeting and he really made me want to try turning one. He not only does a fabulous job of turning hats (and everything else I’ve seen him turn), but Pat knows all the tricks like the 12 volt light system he showed us for illuminating inside the hat to avoid cutting through.
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Look at all the nice figure in this bowl! Pat Connell turned it from spalted Pecan and finished it with oil. It really is a nice piece.

Will Pate is always willing to try something new and different. He laminated Cherry and Baltic Birch plywood to turn this open vessel and created a nice conversation piece.

Now here is a fine specimen! This nice spalted Maple bowl was turned by Earl Lee Taylor. The beautiful satin-smooth finish and nice figure make this one special.

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More Ornaments

If you want to laminate stock for making your next bowl or glue-up a veneered box here is the project for you. Will Pate brought in this glue press and several of us added another item to our project list.

Everyone had complimentary things to say about Judy Tyler’s project. Judy has worked all year on the skirt for our tree and her efforts are reflected in this masterpiece. Make sure you tell Judy how much we all appreciate what she does for the club.



These three pieces come to us from Lawrence Thomas and they are real nice. The vase on the left was turned from spalted Sycamore and the one on the right is a classic Lawrence piece with the "ruffled’ top turned from Walnut. My choice is the small spalted Pecan box in the center.

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Just look at all these ornaments and we could still use some more! We will be decorating the tree on November 10th at the Winfrey hotel. Come help us decorate and if you have any ornaments, you can turn them in through November 9th at WoodCraft. See you at the Winfrey!

Thanks to everyone for their efforts. It’s your ornaments that make our tree special and helps to raise funds for Children’s Hospital.


Thanks to James Armstrong for the pictures and captions