Pictures from the August 2006 Meeting
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Moody Davis put on the monthly program for us in August and if you missed it, you missed a great show. His presentation was on using solid surface countertop materials such as Corian in woodturning projects. He also gave us several tips on cheap solutions for tools and recycling those things we all have around the shop and that we know must be useful but we just arenít quite sure for what.

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AAW Award Ornaments More Ornaments Larry's Topper Mel Brown
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Staten Tate Alvis Garretson Will Pate Jerry Osmundson Lee Taylor
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Lincoln Gaborik Nevin Newton Bill West Pat Connell Robert Scheitlin
dsc00417 dsc00419
John Roth Roger Smith
Everyone please make an effort to sign your pieces so that you will be given proper credit for your elegant artistic creations (or "stuff "as Lawrence Thomas would say).

Thanks to James Armstrong for the pictures and captions