April 2012 - Staten Tate - Closed form bowls

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P1010073CrTh P1010075Th P1010076Th P1010078Th P1010080
P1010073 P1010075 P1010076 P1010078 P1010080
P1010083CrTh P1010084Th P1010085Th P1010089Th P1010100Th
P1010083 P1010084 P1010085 P1010089 P1010100
P1010101Th P1010103Th P1010104Th P1010107Th P1010108Th
P1010101 P1010103 P1010104 P1010107 P1010108
P1010109Th P1010110Th
P1010109 P1010110

Closed Form Bowl Turning Workshop

P1010117Th P1010118Th P1010119Th P1010120Th P1010121Th
P1010117 P1010118 P1010119 P1010120 P1010121
P1010122Th P1010123Th P1010124Th P1010125Th P1010126Th
P1010122 P1010123 P1010124 P1010125 P1010126